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Welcome to
About - Discover the richness and diversity that is Howard Beach.

History - All the information you'll ever need on how it all started.

Photos - Many rare photos dating back to the 1900's, including Hotel Howard.

Real Estate - Find your dream home or rental in the Howard Beach area.

Cross Bay - Cruise Cross Bay Boulevard without getting in your car.

Forum - If you have a statement to make, you can do it in our Forum.

Guest Book - Signing our Guest Book lets eveyone know you were here.

Events - Let everyone know of your upcoming event by listing it here.

Advertise - Expose your business to thousands of potential new clients.

You must be a registered member and logged in to post any information on this website. The old site (below) is for reference only. All relevant information has been migrated

Cross Bay Lanes 1988 (Bill Aiello)
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